PhD Studentship: Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Measures in Commercial Properties

Contact for Application Enquires: Dr Hong Xiao

Although there are many different flood risk mitigation strategies such as avoidance and protection, it has been widely recognized that flooding cannot be totally prevented and we need to embrace a proactive and more robust approach towards managing flood risk. Therefore, flood resilience has become the key element of UK’s National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) Strategy. This is to ensure properties are better protected, quicker to respond and recover from flooding events. This concept is commonly referred to as property flood resilience (PFR) and has, since its inception, gained wider recognition in the domain of flood risk management.
However, UK Government policy on flood risk management and previous research on property flood resilience has up to now focused on residential properties, and greater attention needs to shift to commercial properties and critical infrastructure. The financial loss from flooding to commercial properties can be significantly higher than that from the residential properties. Notwithstanding this, many commercial property owners are not aware of the flood risk and do not consider the use of PFR measures for their new investment or their existing properties, which expose them to higher flood risk and more financial damages.
This proposed PhD research will investigate the flooding risk management strategies in commercial properties and explore how PFR measures can be developed to improve the flood resilience of commercial properties. The design, construction, use and maintenance of commercial properties will be examined to identify the opportunities of incorporating PFR measures into commercial properties. Opinions and practices from the key stakeholders including commercial property owners, architects, contactors, planning officers and Environment Agency will be sought in order to identify the enablers and barriers to PFR measures in commercial properties. The findings from this research will contribute to the national and regional flooding risk management strategy, and will facilitate the key stakeholders involved to improve the resilience of both new and existing commercial property through the use of PFR measures. The research will encompass consideration of the technical, behavioural and financial considerations in developing resilience and directly respond to the new UK National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) Strategy.
Person specification:
Applicants should have a first degree in relevant subjects (e.g. built environment, planning, or geography) equivalent to a UK Honours degree, with 1st class or 2nd class (1st division), or a Master’s or equivalent with high grades. Research experience is desirable. We are seeking a highly motivated person with an excellent academic record, a good understanding of the built environment and flood, and able to work well in a team. You will need to satisfy the requirements for admission as a PhD candidate and should ensure that you can satisfy the English language requirements.
How to apply:
To apply, please complete the project proposal form ensuring that you quote the project reference, and then complete the online application where you will be required to upload your proposal in place of a personal statement as a pdf document.
You will also be required to upload two references, at least one being an academic reference, and your qualification/s of entry (Bachelor/Masters certificate/s and transcript/s).

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